Vintage Kimono Upcycling Purse – Silk Crepe


Vintage Kimono Clutch – Unique Object – Silk Crepe – Upcycling

Patterns : Bamboo and dalhia
Fluid kimono material that stands upright and in volume, even when empty.
You can give it various shapes. The zip is an YKK brand, very reliable.
It’s up to you to write the rest of its story…
Have a good trip together. Hand wash – iron inside out.

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Description of the creation
I made this clutch from an old kimono that combines the patterns of bamboo and dahlia. It is made of silk crepe.
I really didn’t understand why this pattern mixed dahlia s and bamboos – did they grow in the same place?
Searching around I found that Japanese writing, dahlia is written with these kanjis: “天竺牡丹” (ten-jiku-bo-tan) –
“Botan” means peony –
“Tenjiku” meant India, before being called “Indo”.
The second sign “Jiku” (竺) also means bamboo.
As if the dahlia secretly, discreetly contained bamboo ?
Maybe that’s why the person who created this pattern intertwined dahlia and bamboo
In any case, diversity is always a happiness, a richness!
You can put a thousand objects, really what you like in this kit.
Former Traveller Fabrics – Bon voyage à vous deux

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 12,5 × 11-12 × 6-8 cm


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