Vintage Japanese Kimono _ Silk Crepe Zippered Clutch _ Upcycling


I made this clutch/pencil case from a vintage woven Japanese kimono. Its pale colors take us to spring. Her woven-drawn patterns, I love it !
The shadows of the mauve or green flowers; the red and blue flowers gridded, the leaves discreet and delicately pointillist. Shadows in black/grey.
The material is light; The cover stands “upright”, in volume even when it is empty.
The zipper, from the YKK brand, is lavender/purple.
I work with kimonos that have been worn to which I give another life. I prefer not to bring any extra material but reuse preloved kimonos.
Travelling fabrics – unique objects with multiple uses. Now it’s your turn to continue its story. Bon voyage (◡‿◡✿)

Blues, lavender, reds and greens, hints of black/grey on an ivory background

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I made this pencil case from an old Japanese kimono. The pouch stands “upright” even when empty, and when you touch it, its fluid fabric transforms its shape. The japanese YKK ZIP is very reliable. I work with kimonos that have been worn, giving them another life. I prefer not to bring any extra material but upcycle, reuse. Travelling fabrics – unique objects with many uses – It’s up to you to write its new lifestory ! Have a good trip together (◡‿◡✿)

This pencil case keeps its volume: the empty pencil case stands “upright”. You can put a thousand objects in it, really whatever you like: make up, jewelry pouch, tea bags, lingerie etc etc. Hand wash – Non-fragile fabric.

I work with old kimonos, which have been worn. This is the beginning of a second life for them. Being worn has deformed, stretched, torn, worn them out. So I work with a material that is less “stable” than a new fabric, which, telling a thousand stories, is distended, holey fabric, stained in places. First I dismantle and unstitch each kimono. I wash the strips of fabric collected and then inspect holes, wear points and other souvenirs that I put aside. I use the fabric pieces free of those souvenirs and rich with so many others

Tracked mail to France and internationally. I package the creations with care so that they arrive nicely, and well protected.


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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 12 × 9-11 × 6,5-8 cm


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