Each purse I craft is a unique piece

Bag: A usually flexible container that may be closed for holding, storing or carrying something made of canvas, leather or fabric.
Something hanging in a loose, pouch like manner, as skin or cloth ; a baggy part : “He had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.”
A person’s avocation, hobby, major interest, or obsession : “Argument isn’t my bag.”
A person’s mood or frame of mind : “O dear, my dog is in a mean bag today !” Informal : plenty, much, many : bags of time ; bags of money.
Candy bags, A bag of nerves, Let the cat out of the bag, Bag and Baggage, In the bag, Basket Case, A Pig in a Poke et cetera.

Airbag, bean bag , book bag, basket, carpetbag carrier, clutch, coin purse, drawstring bag, duffel bag, fanny pack, feedbag, gear, grab bag, grip bag, gunnysack, knapsack, mesh bag, minaudiere, musette, pack, panier, pastry bag, pocket, poke, pouch, punch bag, purse, shoulder bag, sleeping bag, string bag, tea bag, tote, udder, washbag, wristlet

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