One day, I discovered Tomoko Nakamichi’s work around patronage, its sphere effects, accordion pleats, knotting, line games drawing a bamboo shoot.
She taught in Kyoto.
So I started studying Japanese, so I could meet her, go and learn with her at Kyoto University.
Bring volume to my creations.

I had been sewing for a few years, it seemed to me that his work was simple to do. It’s June 2014. In October 2015, I go to live 3 months in Kyoto to intensively deepen Japanese and meet it. I live in the Nishijin district, that of dyers and weavers; at Mitsus Sakaguchi san, an elderly lady, formerly a weaver. I live in the middle of silent looms, coils of yarn of all colors. It whispers a thousand images.

This trip to Kyoto will be like a revelation: it is thanks to him that my work has found its way, its dimension and gained thickness. I’m coming back with kimonos and fragments of kimonos. These clothes and fabrics belonged to people, I like the idea thatthey were worn and that their path continues. Tell the rest of the story. Accepting the unexpected: a colour, a drawing – to make it something – receive the unexpected.

For me, it is diversity that creates harmony. The plural – the multiple – the different – the rejected. The little pieces of nothing are everything: the bond with the hands – the link of effort, dream, past, work, walk in kimono along the Kamo River. Carry with you, in our bags, around the neck a story, a light and elegant trace, which tells a thousand images. Movements of travel, body and self